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10 Simple Steps to Help You Stay Safe While Boating

Boating is summertime fun, whether it’s on a lake, river, bay, or off the coast. But nothing spoils the fun faster than an accident – or worse yet – injury or death. We want you to be safe and have a great summer on your boat. So here are 10 simple tips to help you stay safe while having a good time.

  1. Take a boating course in your area or online. Here is a link to a Pennsylvania–approved course where you can complete your online boating safety education.
  2. Make sure your boat is manufactured for the conditions you’re operating it in.
  3. Have a life jacket available for everyone on board and be sure everyone wears one. Have a Coast Guard-approved throwable device as well.
  4. Check the fuel line before heading out and make sure there is a fire extinguisher on board and where you can get at it easily.
  5. Make sure someone else on land is aware of your plans, and what type of vessel you’re on and when you’re planning to return.
  6. Be sure to have communication and other signaling devices on hand – a charged cell phone, a VHF radio, an air horn or whistle – in case you need assistance while you’re out.
  7. Always remember to maintain a safe speed so that you can take proper and effective action to avoid collision and to be able to stop in an appropriate distance from potential hazards.
  8. Watch your alcohol intake if you are the one operating the craft.
  9. Keep a watch on the weather broadcast
  10. And if you’re an ocean adventurer, please stay within sight of land.

We know many of these things are just plain common sense, but it does not hurt to review the list each year. So get out there and enjoy yourselves. And remember, if you would like to get an updated quote on your boat insurance, just contact us and we will be more than happy to get you pricing on great coverage at an affordable price.