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Be Car Insurance Compliant When Traveling to Canada

Did you know….

If you are planning to travel to Canada on vacation this summer or fall or anytime in the future, you will need to take with you something called a Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card. You will need to show this card if you (as a USA resident) are involved in an accident or are pulled over by the police. Without the card, you risk being fined.

Your car insurance company can issue you the ID cards, which basically provides proof that they (as your auto insurance company) have filed a Power of Attorney and Undertaking and will meet the minimum legal requirement in any Canadian province where you decide to travel. Here at Martin Insurance, we can only issue cards to our existing clients – individuals who have their auto insurance through our agency.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well… you’ll first need to know your travel dates. And you’ll need to know which vehicle you’re planning to drive. It takes a couple days before the cards are mailed out to you, so make sure you contact your auto insurance carrier or your insurance agent a couple weeks before you plan to leave. The sooner you know your plans, the better.

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