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8 Ways to Kick Your Texting and Driving Habit

Every driver ‒ and every passenger ‒ expects to reach their destination safely. But picking up your phone to read or answer a text while you’re behind the wheel puts everyone’s safety in jeopardy. At any point during the day, [...]

Electrical Safety at Home – A Simple, Easy to Understand Guide

Electrical dangers are serious business. From risk of shock to potential fires, you’ve got plenty of reasons to make sure your home’s electrical systems are in good shape and safe working order. Fortunately, in most houses, a simple walkthrough can [...]

Working from Home and Workers’ Compensation

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have found yourself among the 63 percent of Americans who were working from home. And this year, 48 percent of workers have continued to work remote at least part time even [...]

The 10 Most Stolen Cars in America

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s latest Hot Wheels report, 748,841 vehicles were stolen in 2018, down 3 percent since the previous year. This change is consistent with downward trends in car thefts over the last almost-three decades. Since [...]

Returning to the office? Here’s how to avoid miscommunication in the new normal

By Rachel Trent, Cross-Platform Associate Producer at CNN As video conferences replaced conference rooms and direct messages replaced water cooler talk, workers in a wide array of industries started asking questions they have never asked before and changed how they [...]

RV Safety Tips

1. Tighten Up: Conduct a Pre-Drive Safety Check Many accidents are caused by simple forgetfulness: leaving doors unlatched, awnings up or steps attached. Create a step-by-step checklist and conduct a “walk-around” visual inspection before embarking on a trip. A pre-trip [...]

Summer Safety at the Beach

July and August are indisputably the busiest months at the beach here in the northeast. They are the hottest months and kids are off from school, so it’s a popular time for Families to head to the shore. We want [...]

Watch Out for These Signs of Social Engineering Fraud

Phishing is probably one of the most common and well-known social engineering fraud schemes today. Social engineering fraud refers to scams that rely on psychological manipulation to convince the victims. Google is reportedly blocking 18 million coronavirus scam emails every [...]

Questions and Answers to Help You Understand the Delta Variant

All viruses mutate over time but the emergence of the delta variant of COVID-19 is alarming health officials worldwide. The delta variant, also called the ‘Fastest and Fittest’ of the COVID-19 Mutations, is a mutated version of original COVID-19. It [...]

Long-Term Care FAQ

The federal government says about two-thirds of us will need long-term care. This care is very expensive, and is not usually covered by health insurance, disability insurance, or Medicare.  So how will you pay for this care if you need [...]