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Give the Gift of Life… Insurance

Here are 7 great reasons life insurance makes the perfect Christmas gift. You Are Securing a Child’s Future Children love getting shiny new toys and tech gadgets at Christmas. While those do make good gifts in the here-and-now, when that [...]

St. Nicholas Day

Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas Day. That means children across Europe will be leaving their shoes outside or beside the fireplace in hope that St. Nicholas will fill them with treats tonight. This December 6th holiday recognizes the third-century saint who [...]

A Small Business Without Insurance Is Taking a Dangerous Risk

Small businesses and startups often work on a tight budget. As a result, it might be tempting to forgo certain types of insurance that aren’t required by law. In fact, a survey of 30,000 business owners conducted by Next Insurance [...]

How to Avoid Hitting a Deer

Autumn is beautiful, but it also introduces some fall driving hazards… deer collisions being one of them. From October to December, mating and hunting season causes the deer population to be on the move. For drivers, that means you’re more [...]

Pennsylvania – the State with the Highest Rate of Animal Collisions

In Pennsylvania, deer migration and mating season runs from October through January, causing a spike in the movement of the population and triggering more deer-vehicle collisions during this period than any other time of year. Increased development and habitat encroachment [...]

Wives and Life Insurance

Wives continue to gain momentum in the decision making process when it comes to insurance. Insurance agents who practice the “old school” style of selling, where they talk only to the husband and totally ignore the wife when both are [...]

Fall Equinox Traditions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The autumnal equinox marks the switch from light to dark, when the days start to become shorter than the night. Although school has already started and most of us have already put our white pants away after Labor Day, the [...]

Does Your College Student Need Renter’s Insurance?

Parents will face plenty of stress when sending their kids off to college. The safety and security of college students’ personal items – including bicycles, computers and other, more expensive belongings – will likely come to mind, begging the question of [...]

Getting A DUI Can Nearly Double Your Car Insurance

Driving under the influence can cost you more than you may think. Drivers with one DUI pay $3,114 a year, on average, for full coverage car insurance — almost double what a driver without any traffic violations pays. This analysis [...]

Can You Save Money By Adjusting Your Auto Insurance If Your Kids Are Away At College?

What happens when your child goes off to a college that’s over 100 miles away, reducing the possibility of them popping home to drive the family car? Well, there are adjustments that can be made to your auto insurance policy [...]