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Contractors Insurance in PA

General contractors need Contractors Insurance

Plumbers, electricians and carpenters need Contractors Insurance

What Is Contractors Insurance?

If you are a general contractor, professional design contractor, plumber, electrician, carpenter, or any special trade contractor, a contractors’ policy would be beneficial to you. It protects your personal property, equipment, and tools. Liability would also be included and is essential while doing work in someone else’s home or business.

Why Do I Need It?

Your property and equipment is a valuable asset to you. Protecting it at your shop and at any off-site location is important.

In addition, liability coverage is required by a general contractor of the subcontractors to help cover various types of liability exposures.

We also provide builders’ risk insurance that provides property and liability coverage while a building is being constructed or during a major remodel.

How We Help:

Whether you have 100+ employees or are one man shop, our insurance agents find the right coverage tailored for your contracting business needs.