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Pet Insurance as Employee Benefit

Petplan pet insurance customer from lancaster insurance agency


We now carry Petplan® Insurance as an added benefit for your employees who need pet insurance.

Pet insurance is important. Cats get sniffles and dogs eat rocks. And every six seconds a pet parent gets a vet bill for over $3,000. Good thing that Martin Insurance Agency now offers pet insurance through Petplan®. As a business owner, you can now offer your employees the benefit of having pet insurance for absolutely no cost to your company.

Petplan® makes it easy for your employees to get the care their pets need —regardless of cost. Once enrolled, all they need to do is take their pet to a licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada and submit a one-page, pre-filled claim form. That’s it. Petplan® will send their reimbursement directly to them in just a few days.

Enroll your company today by calling an insurance agent on of our Commercial Lines team and we’ll get your company set up. Then, when any employee wishes to enroll, they would simply visit and type in the name of your company.