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Workers’ Comp Insurance in PA

Workers Comp Insurance insurance protects people at work

Workers Comp Insurance protects companies and employees

What Is Workers’ Comp Insurance?

This covers and protects workers / employees who become injured or acquire an occupational disease. It protects the employer in regards to legal obligations that are imposed by Workmans’ Compensations Laws or Employers Liability.

Why Do I Need It?

Protecting your employees is critical in successfully operating your business.

How We Help:

Martin Insurance offers great up-front rates as well as dividend programs that reward you with return premiums for maintaining a safe workplace and low losses. Contact our insurance agents today to learn about all of your workers’ comp insurance options in PA.

Education and Injury Reporting

As an employee, it’s understandable to hesitate before deciding to utilize Workers’ Comp. Certain work incentives, like a daily count of injury-free days, don’t make it any clearer. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to filing a Workers’ Comp claim.

As an employer, it’s important to provide resources to prevent this kind of hesitation. With plenty of information available regarding usage and coverage, your employees will respond more comfortably when a Workers’ Comp situation arises.

OSHA Inspections

Businesses don’t need to dread visits from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Their inspections aren’t just about citations – but improvement opportunities. Some are also available by request and penalty-free.


After an injury, the body needs time to heal. For employees that get injured on the job, there needs to be a process in place for how long to stay home – and when to return.

Workers’ Comp insurance is a pivotal part of the process, but for it to operate successfully employers need to utilize Return-to-Work plans. In particular, these plans help ease the communication process between Workers’ Comp insurance companies and medical providers.

Pre-Hire Physical

Certain vocations require pre-hire physicals for their job candidates. In particular fields, like healthcare, it’s important to make sure prospective employees are not carrying communicable illnesses before starting their new jobs. When providing care for vulnerable populations, proper precautions are needed.

Safety Training

Job training will always cover how to do the job well, but not necessarily how to stay safe. Safety training is an indispensable part of protecting employees from injury – and from needing to file Workers’ Comp.


The Workers’ Compensation process can become confusing without proper guidance, and employees often turn to their supervisors for help. It’s tempting to take a hands-off approach because insurance isn’t everyone’s forte – but ultimately your employees will appreciate your help. To give them the support they need, insurance brokers offer training in how to communicate with employees during this process.

Medical Provider Communication

Communication between an employer and their employee’s medical provider can become less frequent than it should be. When this happens, Worker’s Comp claims can remain open longer than necessary and employees may not return to work as soon as they should.

To avoid extended time off for employees who want to return to work, it’s a good idea to stay in touch with their medical provider. Insurance brokers can facilitate this by helping in the medical provider selection process. Starting with an open channel of communication can vastly improve the Workers’ Comp process.

Payroll Audits and EMR

To assure the accuracy of these reports, make sure to utilize your insurance advisor. Insurance advisors can provide guidance during your annual payroll audits, and monitor your claims. By working with the claims adjuster, your insurance advisor can close these claims as fast as possible.