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We Specialize In Contractor Insurance

Two contractors doing constructionContractor insurance helps your Construction Industry business. We specialize in insurance for contractors and we understand the challenges you face every day in trying to provide for yourself, your family, and your employees. At Martin Insurance, we take pride in assuring that your business, your equipment, your vehicles, your employees, and all of your assets are covered correctly, providing you with the best coverages for the best price.

Someone who owns a contracting business wants to be able to focus on their business – growing their employees, obtaining new work, and ensuring that the jobs they currently have or are doing are being done correctly. The last thing a business owner wants to do is worry about insurance.

Contractor Insurance is a Requirement

Unfortunately, to become a successful business in the construction field, you are required to carry insurance. Insurance is always “just in case” but in the case that you do need it, it is extremely important. There are many contractors and companies out there who will not hire you if you do not have sufficient insurance coverages. There are stories out there where people have completed jobs for contractors and they don’t get paid because they were not carrying sufficient coverages. That’s the last thing you should have to worry about.  If you give us the opportunity, we can help you by advising you as to the different options regarding insurance to meet the needs of the contractors and then to explain in detail what your policy is actually covering you for.

Here at Martin Insurance Agency, we are not trying to sell you anything . . . we are here for you, and to help you, and to help your business grow. We represent many, many different insurers and we are able to shop your insurance for you. Anyone who is a contractor should give us a call. Let us know what you do. Let us know what your intentions are for your business – what your goals are – we will help you get there. We will give you pricing, we will give you options, we will give you the proper coverages you need in order to succeed.