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Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Martin Insurance Agency offers dog bite prevention tips

All dogs can bite and will if provoked or startled. Even the most docile dog, who’s never been aggressive, can be moved to bite under the right circumstances (when they are startled, injured, afraid, sleeping, eating, or protecting territory, etc.). Knowing that your beloved and trusted dog can bite is the first step toward prevention.

Most dog bites are inflicted on owners, their family, or friends. In other words, if you are ever bitten by a dog, it will likely be one you know.

Because children are the most at risk of being bitten or killed by a dog, children should never be left unattended with any dog. Although most bites and fatal attacks on children occurred in their own homes, many also occurred when children were visiting relatives’ homes. So, be sure that during such visits, an adult is supervising at all times.

Everyone, especially children, should learn and practice safety steps when meeting a dog:

  •  If a dog is off leash and approaching, never run away. Instead, stand perfectly still with arms folded across chest and head bent down so eyes are not looking directly at the dog. This posture tells the dog you are not a threat and also not interested.Martin Insurance Agency, a Lancaster insurance agency, offers dog bite prevention tips
  • If a dog knocks you down, tuck into a ball, face down, with your fists held tightly behind your neck. This position may not prevent an attack but will certainly help to ensure you survive one.Martin Insurance, a Lancaster insurance agency, offers dog bite prevention tips
  • When meeting a leashed dog, always ask permission before touching the dog. Once permission is granted, slowly extend a fist for the dog to sniff. After the dog has sniffed and is still giving friendly signals, pet the dog under the chin. Petting the head can seem threatening to a dog who doesn’t know you.Martin Insurance Agency, a Lancaster insurance agency, offers dog bite prevention tips

With a little training, everyone can be safe around dogs. To help make sure dogs are well-behaved, it is critical they participate in dog obedience classes regardless of their age. This is especially recommended for every adopted dog because obedience classes also help facilitate a bond between the dog and his new owners. Children should be included in these classes so they can learn how to control their new dog as well.

Having a dog is truly a life-enriching experience and one that we hope everyone will pursue wisely.