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Give the Gift of Life… Insurance

Here are 7 great reasons life insurance makes the perfect Christmas gift.

You Are Securing a Child’s Future

Children love getting shiny new toys and tech gadgets at Christmas. While those do make good gifts in the here-and-now, when that child becomes an adult, those gifts would not have accumulated a cash value like a whole life insurance policy could have done. Plus, an insurance policy gifted to a child now can help to ensure that they have insurance with affordable premiums for life regardless of any medical issues which might arise.

You Provide Loved Ones with Peace of Mind

Your very practical gift of buying life insurance for a close adult relative gives them the peace of mind of knowing there is a level of financial security for their family members if something happens to them down the line. That sweater they got last year which doubles as its own Christmas tree can’t do that!

You Are Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Can’t think of what to get for yourself this Christmas? Life insurance could be the answer. You simply can’t go wrong with getting yourself affordable life insurance coverage this Christmas, especially if you are newlywed, a new parent or a new homeowner. It is a way for you to plan for the future and the unforeseen possibilities that might arise. In some ways, it is a gift for everyone in the family, not just you.

It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

Buying life insurance for someone this Christmas will probably cost about as much as getting them an annual subscription to a “Wine of the Month Club”. It might not be as entertaining, but you can rest assured it will be much more valuable. Also, you can give it every year & never worry about what to get them for Christmas again. In fact, life insurance policies can actually increase in value as time goes on.

You Have Options

The various types of life insurance fall into two categories: whole life and term life. Whole life accumulates a cash value, but term life does not. The flip side is that whole life premiums will be higher. Also, your gift of term life insurance can typically be converted to whole life later on. Not quite as complicated as deciding whether to give them the usual brown socks or totally switch things up with a pair in neon green, but still worth considering.

Your Gift Is Totally Unique

It’s unlikely anyone else will be giving the same gift as you. That’s because not many persons stop to think of the value of giving life insurance as a gift at Christmas. So, you can be confident your gift is not one the recipient will be getting two of this year and have to go through the hassle of returning one of them.

You Avoid the Christmas Shopping Crowds

As with any other present, when you give someone life insurance, you get to enjoy the gift of giving. An added bonus is that it’s a gift you won’t have to compete with hordes of over-zealous Christmas shoppers to get. You can shop for insurance online or, better still, sit down with an insurance broker to discuss the available options for the perfect life insurance gift.

While you enjoy the togetherness and merriment of the season, take a moment to consider the approaching new year and years to come. Give yourself or a loved one a thoughtful gift which shows how much you care about them, and which adds real value to their lives.

Questions? We are located in Millersville. So give us a call @ 717-872-7756, Thanks and have a safe & enjoyable holiday season.