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Hello Petplan®, Goodbye Vet Bills!

We now carry Petpaln® Insurance for your furry friends!

Cats get sniffles. Dogs eat rocks. And every six seconds a pet parent gets a vet bill for over $3,000.  Good thing that Martin Insurance Agency now offers pet insurance through Petplan®. If your dog or cat gets sick or injured, our new line of pet insurance helps pay those unexpected vet bills.

Petplan® makes it easy to get the care your pet needs —regardless of cost. Just take your pet to a licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada and submit a one-page, pre-filled claim form (or you can send it from your smartphone using the Petplan® App). That’s it. Petplan® will send your reimbursement directly to you in just a few days.

Learn more about Petplan® and get your free quote by clicking on the banner ad below. When applying on-line, receive a 10%  Martin Insurance Agency discount by entering our special code:  INS0638C