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How To Survive Working From Home.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to work from home right now, you are part of the whopping 42% of Americans who now are telecommuting partly due to the pandemic. Being able to work from home is a safer alternative to mingling in an office environment, but it can be really hard to get motivated and stay focused. Here are some pointers on how to stay alert and keep on track.

Set Up A Dedicated Work Space

Finding a place to set up your workstation away from distraction is key. That means away from the TV and the kitchen. The best thing for you would be to find a room with a door – then shut that door so that you’re out of sight.

Clock In On Time

In setting up the best system, implement a routine with a schedule. Your schedule shouldn’t change just because you’re working from home. So set your alarm, take your shower, and dress for work. Doing the same routine as if we were leaving the house. What you want to avoid is falling into the trap of sleeping a little longer, not showering, and working in your bathrobe. Trust me on this one.

Make A List.

Write down your three top priorities for the day. Define what the tasks you need to get done that day in order to move your projects forward – and be sure to refer back to that list as you go through your day. This keeps us from falling down a digital rabbit hole and allows us to easily remind ourselves that maybe we’re a little off track and we can get our brains back on track and look at what we really need to work on today.

Set Boundaries

The people or animals in your life are going to see you at home and think you’re taking the day off – and that’s simply not the case. You’re going to want to unapologetically explain to them that you’re working from home and they are to leave you alone.

Hit the Pause Button

Take micro breaks. We know that when we take small breaks it actually relaxes our brain and when we relax our brain, it actually re-energizes and re-engages us and we make less errors. So go to the window, step outside, take a pad of paper over to a different chair and doodle for five minutes. We have to mix it up. We want to keep a schedule and at the same time, we want to be flexible enough to mix it up.

Don’t Go Home in the Middle of the Day.

While it’s tempting to turn on the television to catch up on a favorite program, or it might feel good to put a load or two of laundry in the washing machine, you’ve got to remember that you are sticking to the schedule of a full work day. You are not managing your home right now, you are managing business.

Clock Out On Time

This is the time you are going to end your day. Don’t let things drag on. Even if you’re in the middle of a project, put it down… it will help you get jump started the next day. Think of your start and stop times like bookends.

Keep Moving

Go out for a short walk, even if it’s just around your back yard. There are ways we can make this work and still get exercise. Ride a bike, jump rope, jog in place… buy a hula-hoop.  This will get the blood circulating to your brain and will make you more creative and productive and will help keep you out of that slump.

Even though these simple steps appear to be just plain common sense, setting up these simple parameters will help you stay focused and productive while you are working from home.