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Is Your Dream Protected?


Building your dream home or remodeling your current home is costly and time consuming. In our experience, construction and renovation have the potential to significantly increase the chances of an accidental fire or other damage. However, we have also found that most construction related losses can be avoided altogether. In the hope that you will have a safe and problem free construction project,

we offer the following simple and potentially life-saving suggestions. We encourage you to discuss these measures with your contractor.

Jobsite Safety checklist

We encourage you to discuss these safety points with your contractor:

  • Are fire extinguishers located on all levels of the house?
  • Have you planned for burglary/fire detection/alarms?
  • Is the worksite secured when the workers aren’t there?
  • Is the worksite always left clean?
  • Do you know if blowtorches or combustible materials will be used, and if so, who will be responsible for them?
  • Is your neighborhood protected by a public fire hydrant?
  • If not, do other steps need to be taken to provide water in the event of a fire?
  • Have you considered the installation of a residential sprinkler system?
  • Have you considered the installation of an automatic leak detection system?
  • Are emergency numbers (fire department, police department, ambulance) handy and in a visible spot?