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Medicare Open Enrollment Tips

Medicare Open Enrollment is coming up in October (Oct 15th – Dec 7th). Here is some valuable insight from Karen Conley, our Medicare and Health Insurance expert:

Medicare and Health Insurance expert

“During Medicare open enrollment it is very important that people re-check their Part D Prescription Plan. Each year the insurance companies can change their formularies, and also the categories they place Medications in, resulting in higher co-pays.

We’ve seen instances where people had to change their Part D plan for 2016 because necessary and expensive medications had been completely removed from their selected Prescription Plan formularies. Had they not discovered the change, they would have had to spend thousands of dollars more for their medications, had they not switched to a new carrier.

Open enrollment is applicable to Advantage Plans, whether they include Rx coverage or not, and also to stand-alone drug plans. A thorough review of both medical and prescription benefits is highly recommended during Open Enrollment. That’s why it exists. Medi-Gap or Supplement plans can be applied for and potentially changed at any time. They do not include Rx benefits.”
— Karen Conley

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