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Protect Your Farming Investment

Protect your farming investment for future generations with farm insurance

There’s nothing more peaceful or rewarding than working your own farm. But, your peace of mind can be spoiled if you have an insurance claim and find out it’s not covered. Your standard homeowners policy does cover some farming activities as long as you’re not earning a profit. If you begin to sell goods at a local farmers market, for example, you’ll want a hobby farming policy. And if you begin to do it as a full-time occupation, of course you’ll need a farmowners policy at that time.

Things you should be looking for is making sure you have coverage for commercial structures. Homeowners policies have a limitation on that. Whereas hobby farming policies as well as farmowners policies allow for that. Additionally, if you have livestock and the livestock were to get out and be struck by a vehicle, you need special coverage for that too, which is offered under the hobby farming and farm owners policies.

For additional information, talk to your professional insurance agent and look for one that has experience with farms. They’ll want to know what you’re raising, how much you’re raising, what you’re selling, and what type of profit you’ve earned. That way you can make sure you have the right coverage and the right piece of mind.

Martin Insurance Agency has had a proven track record of finding the best insurance fit for Lancaster county farm owners for over 100 years. Give us a call and ask for Amy Marberger and she will be happy to answer any questions.