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The Return of the Agent: Why DIY Hasn’t Been Working for Insurance

The concept of “do it yourself” – or DIY – has caught on in many areas of the consumer economy during the past decade. Insurance is no different. People are taking it upon themselves, in notable numbers, to find and buy their policies online. As reported by the Insurance Journal, Independent Agents wrote almost 35% of personal lines insurance and 80% of the commercial lines segment.

Today, more and more consumers are trying DIY insurance shopping and buying. Catchy hook phrases like “15 Minutes could save you 15 percent or more” convince consumers they can do it all by themselves. But, just talk to anyone who bought their insurance online – after they have had an accident – and you will hear countless stories about how difficult it was to get the customer service they needed when they needed it the most – because there is no middleman to speak on their behalf.

So while some consumers try DIY insurance, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of working with an independent agent.

Independent agents offer a personal touch

As explained by the Insurance Information Institute, agents are either independent or captive: respectively, able to provide policies from more than one company or working solely with one company. You can also buy policies through an insurance broker, who functions much like an independent agent but is considered the customer’s representative, rather than the insurer’s.

Many customers find independent agents most understand and fulfill their needs. They are able to speak on your behalf because their top concern is the consumer. Your interests are their interests, so if you’re having a problem with your coverage or encounter issues that prevent you from being fully satisfied, they’re ready to go to the plate on your behalf.

And, since local independent agents work where you live they will know the area better and may offer friendlier, more customized service. Having an independent agent to find the best coverage choices for your needs can work very well for many consumers and businesses.

One-stop shopping

Though there are independent insurance agents who specialize in one type of coverage, they usually deal with multiple products, including renters, homeowners, automobile and business. Bundling is a great savings tool, and unaffiliated agents can help you take advantage of this savings by finding you the right “package” of coverages from a single carrier.

All too often people buy insurance only to learn they’re underinsured when they need to make a claim. This is one of the risks of buying coverage on your own. Independent agents not only help you determine you’re buying the right type of insurance, but also the right amount.​

Trustworthiness and ethics

Agents devote their professional lives to insurance, making them extremely knowledgeable on the topic. Any experienced independent agent will have established a record of honesty and trustworthiness to anchor a long, successful career. Since independent agents aren’t backed by big insurance brands, it’s the agents’ positive pedigree that plays a key role in getting them business.

Here at Martin Insurance Agency, we are Independent Agents who work for you. He have between 30 – 50 different insurance companies that we represent (depending on what kind of insurance you’re looking for), which enables us to help find you the best insurance that fits your needs at the right price. We literally go through the whole quoting process on your behalf so we can present you with your best options. Contact us today for your free quote. No matter what kind of insurance you need, we promise that you will experience firsthand our quality customer service.