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Is It Time to Reconsider Buying Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance protects cars and buildings

Flood Insurance is a Must-Have For Lancaster County Residents.


You do not need to have your home or business in a floodplain to experience a flood. Areas that historically have not flooded are no longer safe-havens from high water.

A report last year warned that the current FEMA flood maps which were accurate for years are now outdated given the new weather patterns we have been experiencing in the past few years.

Floods can cause some serious damage. Between the initial storm’s destruction and the after-effects of residual water damage, protecting your property is crucial. Although it’s important to discuss specifics with your insurance agent, you can always research to get a better picture of what is and is not covered under Homeowner’s Insurance vs. Flood insurance.

So, if you want to consider purchasing flood protection for your home or business, contact us. We’ll check to see if your home or business is in a new floodplain. And if it is, we can discuss what your options are.