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Workers Comp As It Applies To Your Employees Working From Home.

2020 was an interesting year in that 63 percent of Americans switched to working from home almost instantly. And business analysists predict that 48 percent of workers will continue to work remotely even when it’s safe to go back to their work place.

Having employees being able to work from home definitely has been a lifeline to many companies during this pandemic, but it also raises some serious questions, like what happens if your employees injure themselves while performing work at home.

In Pennsylvania, any business that has employees is required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. In fact, that requirement is pretty much the same for all 50 states, even though the laws and requirements may be different from state to state. And they are there for one purpose: to help cover medical expenses and lost wages for an employee who is hurt at work.

It is helpful to know how workers’ comp can kick in as your employees continue to work from their home office.

If My Employee Is Working From Home, Does Workers’ Comp Cover Them If They Are Injured?

Remember, workers’ compensation insurance is NOT tied to your company building, and therefore follows your employee wherever they may be working or wherever they go.

So, if your employee is hurt on work premises, typically they are covered by your workers’ compensation policy, which is usually bundled with your business insurance policy. And it covers injuries your employees may sustain while they are working and it applies even if there is negligence, depending on what state you’re in.

The same applies to most telecommuters – in most cases they too are still covered under you workers’ comp coverage, whether they are telecommuting full time or just working from home during the pandemic.

What Are Some Of The Common Injuries Telecommuters Have Reported?

Common injuries can be anything from carpal tunnel syndrome, back sprains and strains to slips, trips and falls. Remember, the injury must come from a work-related activity to be covered under workers’ comp.

Remember, even desk jobs are prone to injuries. So it’s really important to remind your employees who are working from home to follow the same good work practices as they did when they were in the office – things like good posture, remembering to take time to stretch, and taking a break to get up and walk around.

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